Pixeet 360 lens lets you take panoramic iPhone photos

Posted on Jul 29 2011 - 10:27am by Robert

Panoramas are some of the more creative and fun things you can create when you’re using a camera, but it is a little difficult to capture good photos due to the camera’s lens when it comes to pasting the photos together. The guys from Pixeet have managed to develop a way to overcome these problems by making a fish-eye lens and a very helpful app.

The Pixeet 360, designed only for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, consists of a patented case that has self-adhesive metal rings to mount the included 180 degree fish-eye lens. The Pixeet 360’s lens is made from aluminum and the “highest quality” optical glass, which ensures a higher refractive index. This results in optimal resolution and truer colors.

The Pixeet panoramic app guides users through the shooting process, though only a maximum of 4 photographs can be taken. The app also compiles and stitches the images to complete the panoramic photo. The app also enables users to share their photos with their friends online and other people can also check out photos from other people.

The Pixeet 360 smartphone case and fish-eye lens is now available at the Pixeet website, with a price tag of around £32. You can download the Pixeet app at the iTunes App Store. Right now, the Pixeet 360 is only available for the iPhone, but the company is currently readying an Android app, which will be released in September.


via: Ubergizmo

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