PlayStation 3 controllers can now be used on Android phones

Posted on Aug 10 2011 - 10:49am by Julius

Answering the call of Android phone users who are frustrated by using virtual joysticks to play their apps, Dancing Studio’s SixAxis Controller enables gamers to use their PlayStation 3 SixAxis controllers to play mobile games.

The SixAxis Controller app enables you to use your wireless PlayStation 3 SixAxis or Dual Shock 3 controllers with your Android-powered phone or tablet. This will make the Xoom or Galaxy Tab an emulation paradise.

There are strict requirements for running the SixAxis Controller on your Android mobile devices, though. First, the device will have to be rooted, a process just like jailbreaking an iPhone, which will give users full control over their device’s system. Also, since the app uses Bluetooth, so most HTC phones and some Samsung phones (due to the changes made by the original equipment manufacturers to the Bluetooth stack) won’t be able to handle the application without installing a custom firmware.

If your Android device is capable of running the app, you will have to pair your PlayStation 3 controller to the system, which requires a Windows-based PC and a USB Cable. After pairing, you can have up to four SixAxis controllers going at once.

The SixAxis Controller app is now available for $1.67 from the Android Market, but it is recommended that you try the free SixAxis Compatibility Checker first before you purchase the app and to make sure that your device works with the application.


via: Reg Hardware

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