PlayStation 3 having 3D teething troubles

Posted on Jun 7 2010 - 2:37pm by simon

Sony has said that the process of bringing 3D gaming to the PS3 is not running as smoothly as it had hoped, with assurances of full backwards compatibility with older titles not being made.

Sony’s Simon Benson said that many PS3 games would be compatible with the 3D gaming experience, but that there were still franchises that Sony could not optimally convert to operate using the format.

Mr Benson told Official PlayStation Magazine that Sony was fully behind the 3D gaming experience and it appreciated that updating older games could make them much more immersive and engaging for the player, perhaps resulting in increased sales of the PS3’s back catalogue.

Games built with 3D in mind are simple to convert, but Mr Benson said ensuring that games which are not currently able to output two HD signals simultaneously, as per the requirement for 3D gaming, are trickier to integrate into the system.

Games arriving this month will bring the first full 3D ready compatibility to the PS3, including classic space racer reinvention WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD.

The PS3 is definitely going to support not just 3D gaming but also 3D Blu Ray movies, although it was announced that the firmware update that enables movie playback will be coming along after the PS3 is readied for 3D gaming, which makes a lot of sense considering its core functionality.

Sony is one of the only console manufacturers that is talking about 3D gaming on a frequent basis, but to the average consumer who won’t be picking up a 3D TV any time soon, it could seem a little irrelevant.

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