PlayStation 3 Reaches 50 Million Sales: Xbox and Wii Still Lead

Posted on Apr 16 2011 - 1:04pm by Thomas Sharp

Some numbers just out from Sony state that the classic PlayStation 3 games console has now sold more than 50 million units all across the world. The PS Move controller which came out last year has also reached a decent level of sales, with 8 million being the figure reported.

This news comes a few months after rival Microsoft reached the same level with their Xbox games machine. The PlayStation 3 has taken around 9 months less than the Xbox to reach the same milestone but the head start that the Microsoft machine had means that it stays ahead in the overhead sales figures and will probably do so for some time, as it is believed to have now shifted around 10 to 11 million units by now.

Meanwhile, a third rival, the Nintendo Wii, had reached 86 million sales by the end of 2010 and is way out in front of the other two.

Industry analysts had reported a fairly steep drop of 12% in the Sony sales for 2010, compared to a 3% decline for the games console market overall.

The figures reported by Sony pertain to Xbox machines “shipped” to retailers rather than those which have been sold to the end consumer. This means that any consoles which are on shop shelves have been counted as sold for the purposes of these figures.

Sony also confirmed that there are now a whopping 75 million users registered on the PlayStation network.

Which one of these consoles – PlayStation, Wii, Xbox – do you prefer to use and why?


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