PlayStation Home Beta

Posted on Aug 10 2008 - 3:56am by Richard Sharp

Playstation Home BetaI’ve been holding out on the purchase of a PS3, as yet. They do represent the only truly worthwhile way of entering the Blu Ray market and Home, when it’s finally released looks like it is going to be quite an accomplishment. Until then, it’s a lot of money. However, the good news is that PlayStation Home is one step closer to completion.

Home has entered a closed Beta testing stage in Japan and existing, regular European users should expect to receive an invite to the testing soon. For those that don’t know, Home is a community based application where users create their own character or avatar and then upgrade a free apartment with items from games and other sources. The plan is to continue expanding the service to include other upgrades.

As you can see from the picture, it looks incredible, although that is presuming that the real thing offers a similar quality. Presumably the system is going to be used in a similar way to Xbox achievements and gamer score, which certainly adds a different layer to Xbox 360 gaming. Home has now faced a couple of delays that have set the project back some way, so it had definitely better be worth the wait.

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