Playstation Move Gets Pimped Up Gun Attachment

Posted on Nov 13 2010 - 8:24pm by Richard Sharp

Playstation Move is apparently set to be this year’s top selling gaming device and with amazing little add-ons like this Playstation Move Gun Attachment (yes that is its real name) it’s easy to see why.

This little beauty works with the standard Move controller; you basically slip the controller into the Gun attachment to form a rather cool looking gun. The best part is it only costs £9.41 on Amazon UK ($19.96 on and makes playing games like ‘The Shoot’ or Time Crises ‘Razing Storm’ a much more realistic and fun experience. It also kind of looks like a phaser gun from Star Trek or Star Wars (one of those – you pick).

 What do you think of the controller? A tempting add on?

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