Plug pulled on war game ‘Six Days in Fallujah’

Posted on Apr 28 2009 - 8:21pm by Richard Sharp

Further to our recent report on the war game due to be released next year from Konami entitled ‘Six Days in Fallujah’, we can now confirm that the game has been abandoned by the Japanese gaming company.

The game has been withdrawn after mounting pressure from war veterans and families of soldiers either killed or injured whilst fighting in Iraq. The video game Six Days in Fallujah was based on one of the worst and bloodiest battles in the Iraq conflict and was regarded by many to be grossly insensitive to those who have survived and also the families of those that did not. There were also calls from serving members of the British armed forces to withdraw the game due to the fact that the conflict is still ongoing.

To be devils advocate some might see the withdrawal of the Konami game as almost censorship, and that it is hard to judge a game properly before it has even been released. Of course it is only right that there are war games, they are a justifiable means of entertainment, after all there are also war films made after historical events, and wasn’t the release of the 9/11 film just a little too soon for comfort for everyone concerned? But it most certainly didn’t stop the release. Playing video games is after all only a virtual world, where no one either living or dead is harmed.

In the case of the Six Days in Fallujah video game maybe it is a good idea to hold back on developing such games until the conflict is at least over. We don’t agree with never but maybe not just at the moment, for the sake of tact and diplomacy and of course saving hurt feelings.

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