Polish architect designs the world’s thinnest house

Posted on Jul 8 2011 - 6:02pm by Robert

When Jakub Szczesny, an architect from Poland, saw a mere 60-inch gap between two buildings in downtown Warsaw, he felt that it needed to be filled.

Though expanding foams would have done the job, Szczesny instead came up with a design for a house that will become the narrowest property in the world.

The house – complete with a lounge, a bedroom, a kitchen and bathroom – is just 60 inches wide and is so thin that he installed a ladder instead of the traditional staircase.

The 4-storey house goes back 40 feet with a room on every floor, where the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge will be located.

“I saw the gap and just thought it needed filling. It will be used by artists,” said Jakub Szczesny.

The house’s first tenant will be Etgar Keret, a writer from Israel, who he hopes doesn’t have a lot of friends, can live alone and does not suffer from claustrophobia. The house was supposed to be occupied by British historian Norman Davies, but opted to turn down the offer.

The current world’s thinnest home, The Wedge just off Scotland’s North Ayshire coast, measures 47 inches at the front but measures 22 feet as it moves back from the road. The Wedge was sold in 2000 as a holiday home for £27,000.

“Ours is the same all the way through, so we are narrower for longer,” said one member of the design team.


via: Design Buzz

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