Poop Picker Leash teaches pet owners to be responsible

Posted on Jul 23 2011 - 3:45pm by Julius

Owning a pet is fun, but sometimes, you have to be responsible for them since they can’t take care of themselves. Owners have to give them the best treatment, the perfect food for their varying diets, and of course, taking them out for their daily walk. When walking in public places, our four legged friends tend to sniff around and when nature calls, they pick the most unusual places to do their business. The right thing for responsible pet owners to do is to pick it up and throw it away, because it is very rude to just leave it there for someone to accidentally step on it.

Designers Kukil Han and Min-sung Kim have made a concept design for a dog leash that also acts as a dog poop cleaner. The device, called the Poop Picker Leash, is a cleverly designed coffee mug-looking thing that cleans your pet’s poop whenever you take it for a walk.

According to the design’s official age, “The excrement cleaner is used as a leash in normal situations, but it becomes very useful for cleaning puppy’s excrement. The ‘Doggy’ is a product that we can use to take away the excrement. To take a walk with our puppy is not only a pleasant thing, but also cleaning the streets could be worth to do.”

The device is easy to use: you just press the excretion cleaner button for the product to suck in your pet’s poop so you can throw it away on a garbage can nearby. This would be a great product to make other pet owners responsible for their pets when they’re in a public place.


via: Yankodesign

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