Power Your Gadgets With The Solar Coffee Table

Posted on May 5 2008 - 3:38am by Richard Sharp

Anyone For Space Invaders? The Solar Powered TableGadgets don’t exactly have to fulfil some groundbreaking task to be appealing. In fact, more often than not, they’re the kind of thing that many of us could do without. However, the solar powered coffee table seems a little extravagant and, for us Brits anyway, completely pointless. The solar powered coffee table is just that – a coffee table that collects and stores power from the sun.

Intelligent Forms, a Canadian design company that are in the latter stages of creating an entire catalogue of “green” products, claim that placed outside or given a lot of exposure to sunlight, the table-top solar panel will store roughly the equivalent of 17kw a year. That’s about enough power for 80 laptop charges, 2,000 digital camera charges, and 1,500 mobile phone charges.

For those of us based in the UK, and not Canada, and those of us that don’t relish the prospect of leaving the contents of our home office in the garden all night, it should be about enough to keep the universal remote and the wireless games controller charged.

In terms of form and design, I can’t help but think of the old Space Invaders table games. It’s supposed to look modern, sleek, and even futuristic, but only in a Buck Rogers TV series kind of way.

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