Premier Popcorn Maker Review

Posted on Jul 31 2010 - 10:48am by Rob

Giant HD telly? Check.

Top movie ready to slot into the entertainment device of your choosing? Check.

Popcorn? Eh, no.

What is an evening watching a Hollywood blockbuster without popcorn? Why, it is akin to a game of footer without the ruddy ball old chap. Better get yourself a Premier Popcorn Maker then.


This is actually rather stylish. It is made of stainless steel and the dimensions measure in at 201 x 142 x 272mm. It weighs 1.2kg and might look quite good in your kitchen, as well as feeding your insane popcorn habit.

What does it do?

You put up to 100g of corn into the chamber and it churns out piping hot popcorn. A good feature on the Premier Popcorn Maker is the fact that it has butter melting dish, for when you are feeling partuicularly rakish. It also uses hot air instead of oil, so it is  healthy popcorn you are making after all.

The one thing we found is that some of the kernals do sometimes escape with the popped corn. All you need to do is pour them back in for a second go, this is great if you have kids as if supervised is a great warm up to a movie.


How many bags of cinema popcorn would you get for £29.95? Not a lot at these days prices. Once you have the machine the only thing you will need is corn kernals which can be cheaply purchased at any supermarket.


A fun gadget which makes good, additive free popcorn on demand.

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