Price cuts for Nokia smartphones

Posted on Feb 8 2010 - 4:04pm by simon

After a relatively rocky 12 months during the economic slowdown between 2008 and 2009, it looks as though the mobile market is on the mend, as new reductions in smartphone prices from Nokia suggest.

In a statement announcing the prices to news agency Reuters, Nokia also said that reductions were just part of the normal cycle within the mobile industry, but experts believe that this is clearly indicative of growth returning and confidence growing in the marketplace.

So what do the price cuts mean for the average consumer? Well now the cheapest smartphone you can get with a Nokia badge is the 5230, which should arrive in the UK for around £150.

It is these lower priced smartphones that have gained public popularity for the smartphone sector as a whole, also drawing attention to more prestigious handsets and ultimately driving revenues for the manufacturers across the range of price points. The final quarter of 2009 saw smartphone sales increase by 30 per cent.

For the time being, the Nokia price cuts are only being applied in the Finnish company’s home nation, but it would be reasonable to assume that these reductions will trickle through to the UK in the near future.

When the price cuts do arrive, there have also been suggestions that as much as 10 per cent could be lopped off the very top end smartphones in the Nokia stable, resulting in some superb bargains for the consumer and some worrying competition for Nokia’s rivals.

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