Prime Minister Leaks Virgin Broadband 100Mbps Broadband Release Date

Posted on Oct 26 2010 - 1:33pm by Matt Jackson

When it comes to reliable sources for leaking information, it’s actually quite difficult to find any. There are numerous websites, companies, and company insiders that claim to have the scoop on certain bits of information and while some may get bits of information right from time to time, it’s very unusual to get a single name that you can rely on. Companies and websites have made a name for themselves in providing leaked information and it seems the Prime Minister is setting himself up for such a future career move should the whole country running thing not work out as he’d planned.

David Cameron was giving a speech about future economic dynamism to the CBI and listed several companies in a variety of industries including telecommunications companies on broadband. He said that “Virgin Media is rolling out a new superfast broadband service this¬†week.”

It’s been known for some time that Virgin would be embarking on a new plan to launch their super fast broadband but details have been sparse until the unlikeliest of leaks got to work yesterday. The company itself has yet to comment on the PM’s words although that could be as much about wording a press release that stops short of berating Cameron for his actions. Following this kind of a leak it’s likely that the telecomms company will very soon be making an announcement.

The rolling out of fast broadband to homes and businesses across the country has been quite high on the new coalition government’s agenda. More and more rural homes are beginning to get access to broadband although some councils still do not allow for the digging up of byways to install Virgin cables (maybe this will be another announcement coming soon).

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