PXP bikes to allow brain-controlled gear shifting

Posted on Jul 6 2011 - 12:29pm by Robert

Remember when you were just starting to learn how to ride a bike? Aside from balancing problems, we’ve all gone through a hard time changing the gears. Luckily, a new concept bike is being developed to enable you to shift gears using your mind.

Boston-based bike company Parlee Cycles is currently working on a bicycle that features shifting gears that is controlled by the human brain. Officially known as the PXP, this concept bicycle part of the Toyota Prius Projects.

Sketches of the PXP concept bike were initially unveiled by Parlee Cycles in April. The bike features a carbon fiber body to maximize its weight and maintain the bikes rigidity. The concept bike’s think-to-shift technology is currently being developed by Deeplocal studio, and it has already been put through wind tunnel testing. The bike’s system will use neurotransmitters that are located in the helmet to measure the rider’s brainwaves. The helmet then sends data via a wireless transmitter to the seat post to change gears using an electronic gear shift.

At this stage of its development, the system is being controlled by a phone, which is already a good idea for a new product, but they’re still going to step up their game. A few years ago, Toyota had already started their work on a brain-controlled wheelchair, so they might incorporate that device’s technology into this.

It sounds like a good idea to make a brain-controlled gear shift, but how would you control it in situations where your thoughts are muddled? Maybe bikers need a high level of concentration to make this concept bike work wonders.


via: Ubergizmo

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