R2-D2 DVD Projector

Posted on May 26 2008 - 4:28pm by Richard Sharp

Artoo - The R2-D2 DVD ProjectorAside from being based on one of the greatest movie characters of all time, the R2-D2 movie projector represents a serious piece of home entertainment kit. Artoo combines the features of a DVD projector with a DVD and CD player and an iPod docking station. It also offers an integrated speaker system with 2 10W speakers, a fully featured remote control designed like the Millenium Falcon, and sound and light effects similar to those belonging to the “real” R2-D2.

The Millenium Falcon remote control can be used to move Artoo in any direction and will even tilt his head backwards and move his legs so that you have complete control of where to project your DVD images.

Clearly the Artoo isn’t likely to appeal to anybody but the most ardent of Star Wars fans especially with a price tag of nearly £2,500 attached to it. However, when you actually consider the equipment you’re getting the price tag isn’t as high as it perhaps could have been. DVD projectors certainly aren’t the cheapest home cinema accessory.

Next, we just need to find a life size model of C3P0 holding a white projector screen and it would be the Star War fanatic’s idea of heaven. One point of note is that Nikkon (the manufacturers) are “only” planning to create and release 4,000 of these in the UK so you may need to order soon to avoid disappointment.

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