R2D2 Projector Clock

Posted on Aug 9 2008 - 3:10am by Richard Sharp

R2D2 Projector ClockStuck for a gadget? You can always rely on a bit of Star Wars branding on household items. For those of you that can’t afford the full on R2 D2 projector, universal remote thing (the one that comes with a Death Star remote) the R2-D2 projector clock is smaller and thankfully much less expensive at around £20.

R2 will beam the time onto a spare bit of wall, and altohugh it’s difficult to find out more details about this clock, if worse comes to worst you can flip him on his back and will project at the ceiling, which is a lot more convenient. He doesn’t do that much in the way of Star Wars trickery but he is a clock and not the real R2 after all.

You can set the alarm so that R2 sound effects wake you up. It’s always a pleasant change to see a Star Wars gadgetthat isn’t priced so ridiculously high that only George Lucas himself could afford one (although you can probably get a cheaper copy off Ebay).

Like most projector clocks you won’t get much change during the day because these things come into their own at night when you can easily read them on just about any reasonably flat surface.

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