Racing game fans will love Codemaster’s FUEL, F1 to follow

Posted on Apr 25 2009 - 11:07pm by Richard Sharp

fuelgameFUEL the exciting driving game developed by Codemasters has a new and exciting website that provides news, information, the ability to view routes and see a gameplay video to give a taster of the excitement to come in the all-terrain racing game. The FUEL website also provides the ability to download this fantastic game, but should you prefer FUEL is also available on the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 formats.

FUEL is an atmospheric all-terrain driving game that takes the player through some of the roughest and frankly scariest terrains conceivable such as snowy mountains, deep ravines and arid deserts and sometimes in extreme weather conditions such as tornados. FUEL features a helpful GPS system that allows the player to take an alternative route, though these routes are not always the most sensible option as this often requires navigating the vehicle across some extremely treacherous terrains.

There are seventy different vehicles for adrenaline junkies to drive on the FUEL game including quads, cars, trucks, buggies, dragsters and off-roaders, all can be raced with better classes of vehicle being available to be unlocked as the game progresses. The vehicles have names to get you keen to get out on the rough terrain like Doomsday, Speed Demon, The Enforcer or Scorpion.

The interactive map at the FUEL website allows you to get up close and personal to see first hand the nineteen areas of the 5,000 miles of the driving race game. Areas like Drownington Cove, a flooded city which has also suffered an earthquake making the drive extremely hazardous or Dead Lady’s Lake that is reputedly haunted and full of nuclear waste. The game has single player and multi player options and will give those that have got bored with conventional driving games something to get their teeth into.

Good news for F1 fans, Codemaster are busy adding the finishing touches to their Formula 1 racing game which is hopefully due to be released by on the Nintendo Wii and PSP later in 2009 with the XBOX 360, PlayStation and Windows version available next year.

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