Radio Listening Figures Down

Posted on Jul 27 2008 - 1:07pm by Richard Sharp

We Turn On, Tune In, Kop Out No LongerIt may not be that surprising to learn that radio listening has reduced in the UK. After all, we have more and more access to a greater range of multimedia devices. The car, which was probably the last bastion of radio listening, has undergone similarly major changes with stereos that enable users to plug in their mp3 players rather than tune the radio to Radio 1.

What is perhaps surprising is that 89% of the population still listen to the radio at least once a week and nearly 18% of these listeners use a digital form of radio (11% use DAB radio). However, all in all, the number of DAB radio owners has remained steady with no further growth. Only 2% listen to the radio on the Internet.

The BBC now accounts for 55% of all listeners, just short of one half of the population but breakfast shows were the biggest losers in the latest statistics. Bearing in mind the increased popularity of the BBC iPlayer service there’s a reasonable chance that they’re losing evening radio listeners to their own online TV service.

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