ReCover iPhone 4 Case brings you back to the past

Posted on Jul 6 2011 - 5:07pm by Julius

Now all the excitement around the iPhone 4 has died down and using it has become an everyday thing, people might just make the phone a little bit themselves. After all, no one knew that by this time everybody would have one. Now, the question is, how would your iPhone stand out from the others?

We’ve seen people have ready-made cases for their iPhone 4s, but sometimes there aren’t enough choices that would fit one’s personality. That’s where the ReCover iPhone 4 Case comes in.

The ReCover iPhone 4 Case is a great way give your iPhone 4 a retro makeover while protecting it at the same time. Unlike other cases that just want to be different, this iPhone 4 case brings you back to the past with its design. It’s a bit hipster-y if you ask me, but geeks, like me, would love it.

This handy iPhone 4 case is printed with a range of vintage and retro designs. You can choose from the NES video game controller, vintage SLR camera or the old school calculator designs.

The ReCover iPhone 4 Case is a great way to protect your precious iPhone from scratches, but we can;t guarantee its survival if you drop it on a hard concrete floor. The print is located at the back, and some people might think you’re crazy to put a controller in your pocket until they see the other side.

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