Relax and Get a Robotic Massage

Posted on Jul 21 2013 - 6:36pm by Robert

There are many uses for robots these days and many of them are very useful and might even be helpful in the future of humanity. What about some pampering though? Don’t we think that it is time for a robot which Pampers us?

Thank you DreamBots. The electronics company has come up with a device called the WheeMe. This is a little robot that will move around your back and give you a well deserved massage. It is said to be the product of development by former Israeli defence engineers and it could be just what your back needs after a stressful day at work.

It Won’t Fall Off

wheemeIt uses sensors which ensure that it doesn’t fall off as it gives you a massage. It sounds a bit weird but it has two little arms that sticks out of it and which feel around to find the edge of your body. There are then some wheels which grip onto you and stop it from falling off.

How does it deliver massages? Simple, it has a rotor finger and textured wheels (technically called fingerettes it appears) which give you a good massage as it trundles over you. The price at the moment looks like being a shade under $100, so that makes it around $67.

Is it any good though? When it comes to a massage the only real way to tell is to give it a good, and watching a video of the Wheeme at work certainly makes us feel the urge to lie down and let it give us a good back massage.

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