Relive the 60s with the Volkswagen Camper Van tent

Posted on Jun 27 2011 - 2:59pm by Julius

Festival season is well and truly upon us  and tents are the trend nowadays. If you love Mother Nature, music and mud, this new tent would definitely tickle your fancy. This summer, you’re probably going to camp at one point. Why take a conventional tent when you can take shelter in the awesome Officially licensed Volkswagen Camper Van tent?

This four-man tent is a full-size replica of the hippie-tastic 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van. Feast your eyes on its breadloaf-ish form. The tent replicates the actual ’65 VW Camper, and like the real van, the insides are spacious and accommodating.

The tent is detailed down to the wipers of the windscreen and its entrance is located at the side, where the van’s entrance doors are supposed to be. The tent can fit four people, and what’s great about this is, it’s so spacious, you can literally stand up inside.

Volkswagen spokesman John Rawlings said: “The Volkswagen Camper Van has become the ultimate style icon and is still very popular with surfers, festival-goers and adventure lovers.” “Producing a tent that looks like one is a brilliant idea. It looks as cool as the real thing,” he added.

The VW Camper Van tent weighs at around 12.5 kilos and measures 90-centimeters long and 40-centimeters wide. The tent is available in red, yellow and blue. It is available to pre-order for £299 from Firebox.

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