Remote control Mario Kart racers launched

Posted on May 24 2010 - 10:39am by simon

A new series of dinky remote control cars sporting the likenesses of Nintendo’s favourite plumber Mario and his lankier brother Luigi have been launched and they are sure to please kids and gaming adults alike.

The remote control unit and the racers themselves are small enough for tabletop races, but if you have a smooth wooden floor this might be an even better venue for a match up, since there is a reduced chance of you ending up with a smashed gadget.

As well as the plug-fixing pair, you can choose other staples of the Mario Kart series, including Yoshi and the evil Bowser. The standard controls allow them to move in all directions and true to the game franchise there is even a boost button that lets you accelerate quickly for a brief period, although you will have to use your imagination to pretend you have driven over a power-up.

Obstacles come in the shape of little plastic Koopa shells and the famous banana skin, so you can set up race courses that are as simple or complex as you like.

You will be able to control the cars remotely over more than one and a half metres and each kart will sell for around the £20 when they are launched.

Although these little racers are clearly intended for kids, the novelty of owning them is probably going to have nearly universal appeal. The batteries are also included and should be easy to replace, which is a bonus.

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