Rent A Friend Website Hits The UK

Posted on Jul 20 2010 - 11:21pm by Matt Jackson

Clearly, more and more people and companies are attempting to create the next big storm and make their millions and while some of the more recent Internet websites and services may well turn out to be quite ingenious and decent money spinners for their creators there are some sites that just sound a bit too weird. Rent A Friend is one such site, although to be fair to them while there aren’t so many friends available in the UK yet, the service is quite popular in the US and Japan.

The name Rent A Friend tells you pretty much all you need to know with regards to what services the site offers. The principle is that if you’re too busy or just plain too lazy to make any real world friends then you can instead rent one from a directory of potential candidates. Alternatively, of course, you can also become a paid friend although you shouldn’t expect to earn too much either in terms of kudos or cash.

Rent A Friend is pretty quick to defend its position and clearly states that it is not an escort agency and while this may be true (£7 an hour does seem a little cheap) you do have to question the whole safety issue. There have been numerous questions raised over the safety of kids and adults using Facebook so hiring somebody you don’t know to show you around a city you’ve never been to (one of the more viable uses of the site in our opinion) must also ring some major alarm bells.

The site is, of course, a paid membership site as you would probably expect and once registered you can view profiles of your likely friends for a night and then contact them about a possible meeting.

Are you registered yet?

Is this taking online social networking just a tad too far?

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