Retailers Set To Open at 12AM for Nintendo 3DS Release Date

Posted on Mar 23 2011 - 3:58pm by Thomas Sharp

The Nintendo 3DS has been available for pre-order for a fair few weeks now but it seems demand for the ground breaking console is still high as retailers across the UK are set to open their doors at 12AM on the 25th so ‘early gamers’ can pick one up first.

We’ve received word that Toys ‘R’ Us will be opening their Brent Cross store at Midnight on Thursday evening (24th March) whilst Asda plans to make the device available at Midnight at 200 of their stores nationwide. Both brands plan to entice early birds by offering some extra merchandise if they turn up during the early hours of Friday morning.

Toys ‘R’ us is offering anyone who buys from their Brent Cross store a FREE Pilotwings Resort game to go with their new console which could be worth the late night. If you bundle the console with Rayman 3D or Super Monkey Ball 3D you can also claim a free case.

Asda are taking a slightly broader and longer approach with their offers, basically any customer who purchases a 3DS from their store within the first three days will also be able to pick up a game for £15. They will be able to choose from Nintendo Poodle, Super Monkey Ball, PES, Rayman, Splinter Cell, Ridge Racer, Sims 3, Ghost Recon Shadow War or Asphalt, Super Street Fighter, Pilot Wing, Lego Star Wars, Nintendogs Golden Retriever, Nintendogs Bulldog– all of which are 3D games.

Asda is also offering pre-orders on their website for £187, again offering £15 games within the first three days of it going on sale. Other retailers that will open their doors early include Game (who are handing out raffle tickets with the chance of winning a free console), Gamestation and flagship HMV stores.

In stark contrast Apple is holding off purchases until 5pm on Friday, we can’t help wondering which brand has the correct approach to a product launch?

Will you be heading out in the small hours to pick a 3DS?

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