Retro Slush Drinks Review

Posted on Jul 6 2010 - 10:42am by Richard Sharp

I remember passing many happy lunchtimes kicking a can around the streets of my home town, playing hopscotch and being careful not to let the ice cold Slush Puppie dribble from its cardboard cup onto my short-trousered legs. The boss always gave me into trouble when I arrived back at the office with scuffed shoes but it was worth it. Now you too can relieve those lazy, hazy days when the highlight of the day was a slushy drunk.


The word is retro. If you love 1950s style gadgets then you will adore this little beauty. To my eye it looks like an everyday liquidiser which has fallen into the hands of a bunch of crazed beatniks led by winkle picker wearing Italian car designers.


I fear that most people will skip this section, safe in the knowledge that it does what you think it does. You are correct of course.


Some people may look at this retro slush drinks machine and picture refreshing summer drinks while others may see a group of intoxicated friends downing frozen margaritas while their body temperature plummets dangerously. In either case it would be a fun addition to any kitchen.

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