Review of Current BBQ Gadgets

Posted on Jul 17 2009 - 8:44pm by Richard Sharp

When the sun comes out, people, especially the British, are guaranteed to do the following:- Strip off their clothing (as much as possible, regardless of physique and usually whilst wandering around the high street), sunbathe till they turn a rosy shade of red, blare music that should have been left in the early nineties from their tinny stereos (so that everyone from at least three streets away can hear!) and have a barbecue.


Since this Summer promises to deliver weather warm enough to facilitate a ‘Barbecue Summer’, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone will be off to ASDA to buy themselves a disposable BBQ, on which they will proceed to singe their sausages! However, there really is no excuse to make do with cheap disposables any more. If you are going to have friends and family around for a BBQ, then you should do it in style! And, you will be amazed at the plethora of current BBQ gadgets which are available, from the downright awesome “why didn’t I think of that”,to the “Why did anyone think of that”, it is all out there for Summer 2009!

If you want a compact and portable barbecue, that you can lend to your mates, take camping or caravanning, or even to festivals, then you want a Portable BBQ Grill. This notebook BBQ has been designed to be sleek and easy to use. Astonishingly, all you need to do is unfold it and fill it with charcoal and then Bob’s your uncle – bangers on the barbie!

If you would like a little more control over the heat in your outdoor kitchen, then you want the Barbegrill. Encompassing a control system that is high tech infra-red, this portable beauty of a Barbegrill can even make toast and simmer soup! Perfect for those who do not want the fuss of charcoal or wood.

If you want to splash more cash and want the crème de la crème of the BBQ world, then you want the Son of Hibachi, which has also been re-branded and is often called the Grilletto. This is an all singing, all dancing BBQ that comes with a heat proof bag that can hold it even when it is hot!

Because your BBQ’s are going to be so hot, you will need to counteract the heat with some really cool BBQ gadgets. Fire Wire BBQ Skewers are the hottest way to string up your meat and veg. Stainless Steel and bendy, they make marinating and barbecuing a piece of cake, albeit slow to conduct heat, and specially designed to keep your fingers clean, piece of cake!

From Fire Wire… to a BBQ Sword! With a wooden handle, metal guard and a cut out musketeer mask, this swanky sword is the stylish way to stab your sausage (and then gently turn it over and cook the other side…). Warning – suitable for over 18’s only!

If swashbuckling swords are all a bit ‘Russell Brand’ for you, then how about a ‘man’s man’ type BBQ belt! The Grillslinger is a sexy tool belt style BBQ Belt, complete with compartments for tongs, knife, spatula and salt, pepper and oil. The Grillslinger is a one size fits all (literally, 30in to 60in adjustable waist) and washable, revolutionary piece of barbecuing equipment!

If you like the gun slinging utility/BBQ belt, then you will love the Condiment Gun. Ketchup, brown sauce, mustard or Mayo, choose your condiment and shoot your load! Go on, get trigger happy with this saucy gadget gun!

If you like you condiments served in a more refined way, then why not opt instead for the Picnic Table Condiment Set. It is a “say what you see” moment for the crazy gadget people with a picnic table that will fit in the palm of your hand, but handily holds ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper. It’s kitsch, it’s cute, it’s coming to a barbecue near you!

All of these current BBQ gadgets will make for a fabulous BBQ that will have friends and family reminiscing for many a wet Summer to come.. however, if you really want to make your mark on the BBQ scene you want to branch out into branding! That is right, the BBQ Branding Iron will allow you to sear your signature (phrase) into your bangers and meat and leave your guests eating their words (or rather, eating your words!). Complete with up to 52 letters and eight blank spaces, you can add up to two lines of text to your steaks (or chicken, or burgers, or bangers!). The possibilities are endless, you can brand each piece with your guests’ names, your name, rude words, funny words, declarations of love…. it really will be the talking point of your BBQ!

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