Ricoh CX4 Compact Digital Camera With Superzoom

Posted on Aug 19 2010 - 11:18am by Matt Jackson

The Ricoh CX4 is the modernised, updated version of the company’s popular CX3 compact digital camera. While the new model has had a fairly major redesign and offers a number of new features which are useful indeed, it also takes a lot of the positive factors from the last phone and integrates them into the new body in order to create the perfect blend of new and old. It looks like the new Ricoh CX4 will come in black, silver, and pink at least.

The 10 megapixel camera keeps the high resolution 3 inch LCD display on its back end. The “workmanlike yet stylish” camera packs a 10.7x wide angle optical zoom lens and a 10mp back-lit CMOS sensor. It can even record 720p video in JPEG. Like with the last Ricoh model there are 11 different scene settings so that you don’t need to fiddle around with some of the more intricate manual settings in order to enjoy the best looking photos possible.

Subject tracking auto-focus ensures that the subject of pictures always remains in focus and will reduce blur to 3.7 shutter speed stops; ideal for taking photos in poor lighting or with masses of zoom. The night vision may sound like a voyeur’s favourite toy but it actually takes four shots at different exposures and then combining the results to give a better quality picture. Finally, there’s also some creative modes that let you become a kid or a more creative photographer (depending on the mode you choose).

The Ricoh CX4 will be available in the US in September costing the equivalent of about £250 and should hopefully follow suit in the UK shortly after.

Do you need night vision on your camera?

What digital camera release are you eagerly waiting for?

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