RIM releases BBM 6 with app integration

Posted on Jul 29 2011 - 10:13am by Julius

Research in Motion (RIM) has announced the Blackberry Messenger 6.0, a significant update that takes one of the smartphone’s most popular apps and turns it from being just an instant messaging app into a social platform for other applications. This spring, RIM showed some of the capabilities of the new BBM at the BlackBerry World, and while it may not cause so much excitement for developers to make BlackBerry apps, it sure will benefit those who do.

The company said that the BBM service has over 45 million users, and it still activates 2 million new accounts each month. RIM said that 70 percent of BBM users use it every day and send more than 100 billion messages per month. This means that BBM is one of the world’s most popular services.

“BBM 6 marks the beginning of an even greater social experience for BlackBerry smartphone users,” said Research in Motion BBM Platform and Integrated Services Vice President Alistair Mitchell. “It also represents an incredible opportunity for developers to leverage the viral nature of the BBM service and we have already begun working with various developer partners who will be bringing their BBM connected apps to BlackBerry App World this week, offering users highly engaging app experiences.”

BBM-integrated applications include Score Mobile, FourSquare, Huffington Post app and Wikitude, along with other apps that can be found in the BlackBerry App World.

You can download the BBM app by visiting RIM’s BBM page.


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