Ringtones That Only Dogs Can Hear

Posted on Jun 21 2008 - 2:05am by Richard Sharp

Ringtones For DogsIt’s normally the Americans we would associate with going a little overboard on their dogs and other pets, but it seems that the Japanese are equally insane over their four legged friends too. You may have thought you’d seen everything that canine fashion and accessories had to offer (I saw one dog on TV that had its very own Paris Hilton – incredible) but you’d be wrong.

The canine ringtone is a free ringtone that, apparently, can only be heard by dogs. Although, if they’re as effective as dog whistles that can only be heard by dogs then you’re never really going to know whether they work.

The service is rather imaginatively named ringtones only dogs can hear (it does exactly what it says on the tin) and has been created by a Japanese company called Dwango. The original report is in Japanese, as you would probably imagine, what with it being created by a Japanese firm and all, so all of you non-Japenese speaking readers will just have to take our word for it. We presume that it will work worldwide and not only for Japanese dogs though.


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