Rock Band 3 Gets October US Release Date

Posted on Jul 20 2010 - 11:25am by Matt Jackson

The Rock Band franchise has become one of the biggest names in the games industry and in its various incarnations and numerous spin off titles it has created one of the greatest and most loved games, especially in the music games genre.

Along with Guitar Hero it essentially helped sporn an entire series of games and through offering numerous peripherals and the incredible line up of downloadable content we’re willing to bet it makes Harmonix an absolute packet. The good news is that the next instalment, catchily titled Rock Band 3, will be available from October 26th although this is as yet just a US release date.

Many of the previous titles have enjoyed simultaneous global release dates so it may just be a matter of waiting a day or two for a UK release. In the meantime, we trawled through 3 or even 4 whole pages of the T3 magazine website to find out more about the upcoming title.

Probably the greatest and most intriguing feature of the new game is the fact that it claims to auto-tune your singing voice while you belt out your favourite downloaded tracks. What’s more, up to 3 different people can sing at the same time in a harmonic (or not so) fashion.

The game will also feature a keyboard for the first time, and if you’re not really into keyboard then you can hook it up and play it like a 1980s keytar (although if you’re not really into keyboard we’re not sure why you’d want to do this). Alternatively, it seems, there is a stringed guitar option too. Interestingly the keyboard has MIDI connectability so it can be connected to your PC, laptop, or other music recording device and you can record your own music with it. However, with just 26 keys you’re reasonably limited.

Will you be belting out auto-tuned tracks come October?

Have you played the previous Rock Band titles?

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