Rocky Balboa bathrobe

Posted on Jan 13 2009 - 10:22am by David Gray

arocky.jpgDespite being as old as the hills, Sylvester Stallone’s alter ego Rocky Balboa is still one of the most popular film characters of all time. The Rocky films still attract the attention of young and old alike and are still played on a regular basis around the globe. What better present for a fan of the world’s greatest boxer than a Rocky Balboa bathrobe?

This classic bathrobe comes in black with yellow trim with the Rocky motif visible to all but that is just the start. The bathrobe also comes complete with a hood and belt so you can jog down the street and pretend that you are the one and only Rocky Balboa!

The bathrobe itself is made from a soft quality velour which gives a beautiful feel as well as keeping you warm on those cold winter nights. This is a one size fits all item which has proven very popular over the festive period and especially for children’s birthdays. Rocky Balboa is a character which everybody seems to relate to and know all about, which is highly understandable when you consider how popular the series was and continues to be.

This is your chance to be the Sylvester Stallone of your street or the Rocky Balboa of your city!

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