Royal Wedding Clothing Rolls out on Xbox Live

Posted on Apr 11 2011 - 4:53pm by Thomas Sharp

The preparations for the Royal Wedding are hotting up, a plethora of merchandise is starting to roll out and even Microsoft is getting in on the action. Not even Will’s knows what his future brides dress looks like but Xbox Kinect users can play dress up with Royal Wedding themed clothes for their gamer avatars.

Frequent users of the Xbox Live dashboard may have noticed a poll over the past few weeks which allowed them to vote for their favourite wedding outfits. The votes have been counted from over 50,000 users with the idealistic fairy tale wedding attire winning with a staggering 58% of all votes. Second place was taken by traditional black tie, followed closely by Scottish Highlands and cocktail dresses.

Obviously the real Royal Wedding will follow a much more traditional feel with the bookies bet for William to be wearing his traditional Army Officers uniform. Users of Xbox live can now login and dress their avatar to the nine’s with the latest wedding dress, or not – the choice is up to you.



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