Royal Wedding Themed iPhone 4 Cases from Case-Mate

Posted on Apr 13 2011 - 10:42pm by David Gray

We have already seen our fair share of William and Kate merchandise, earlier in the week Microsoft announced avatar clothing for Xbox live so users can dress their Avatar to look like Will’s or Kate and yesterday we found these Royal themed iPhone 4 cases by case-mate at the Gadget Show Live.

The cases are available to buy now and come in four varieties, all are high quality items. By that we mean they are well made but not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. We took a picture of each to show you what they look like out of box.

Regal Heart offers a photograph of the happy couple encompassed in a heart with beams shooting off from every angle.

Well Wishes is a pastel baby blue case with a not so subtle Wills and Kate congratulatory message.

Classic Monogram is basically just that, a pastel blue case complete with logo.

Modern Britannia offers up retro patriotism with a black and white photograph of the pair with Union Jack background.

Are you looking forward to the wedding and will you be showing your support with any supporting merchandise?

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