Rubik’s Cube keyring

Posted on Nov 16 2008 - 8:58am by David Gray

rubik.jpgIf there has ever been a more infuriating puzzle in the world than the original Rubik’s cube then we have just found!

The Rubik’s cube is now back in keyring form and while it is small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag it will literally drive you crazy. Not only do you have to solve the puzzle but you have to do it on a cube which is a fraction the size of the original. Nimble fingers, a sharp mind and tons and tons of luck are needed to solve this infuriating device of the 20th century.

For those who have never come across the Rubik’s cube before it is a six sided cube with each side split into nine smaller squares each of which can be moved to any surface by simply twisting the cube. Sound easy?

The aim of the game is to ensure that each side contains smaller squares which are all the same colour. While it is easy to get one, two, three full sides all of the same colour there will always be elusive squares which you can’t turn around without upsetting the balance of the ones you have finished. This is a puzzle which you need to see to believe although thankfully it comes with a useful hints book.

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