Rumor: Xbox 720 to sport an HD touch screen display

Posted on Feb 13 2012 - 5:32am by Julius

Microsoft might release its next-generation gaming console, the so-called Xbox 720, soon and it might include a touch screen in its controller.

The rumor of a touch screen-equipped Xbox 720 controller comes from the Xbox World Magazine, a print-only publication that reports Xbox-related news. The publication reported that the controller’s touch screen will be strategically placed between the buttons and will feature an HD display.

The source of this information was not cited, however, they directed their information from Microsoft. The magazine did not cite specific departments or people though.

“That touch screen will be second only to Kinect in how you operate your console,” the publication said in its report. “It could be a remote control when you’re watching TV, a browser when you’re on the internet, extra buttons and information when you’re playing a game or a portable display when you want to take your game with you.”

The report also suggests that Xbox 720 will rely heavily on motion control, citing “augmented reality, directional sound, and a four-player, finger-tracking Kinect.”

It was also rumored that the upcoming Xbox console will appear in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and will be made available before the end of 2013, but that was quickly debunked by Microsoft. Reports also say that it will be powered by a 32nm chip that combines an AMD Radeon HD 7700 GPU and an IBM Power PC processor.

Still, these are all speculations and should be treated as false without an official announcement from Microsoft itself.


via: CVG

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