Rural Broadband Here… For The Sum Of £425

Posted on Nov 2 2010 - 12:26pm by Matt Jackson

Deltenna is a company that you may well never have heard of but it could become one of the most popular tech names in Britain’s rural areas where Internet connections are best described as being woeful. They have finished the first production run of the WiBe Wireless Broadband Enabler that enhances broadband connections that are shaky to virtually non existent.

Testing has shown that the technology actually works and the device even won the “Best of British Mobile Technology” award in October of this year. Unfortunately, though, you will have to shell out a rather substantial £425 in order to get your hands on one.

Deltenna has quite a lot to overcome. Similar products that are supposed to boost TV signals and even mobile phone signals have been released and apparently proven to work but with frankly awful real world results. However, testing has shown that Internet connections in rural areas using the WiBe reach around 2.8Mbps download speed which is a significant improvement on the speeds currently being offered.

Many broadband companies are unable to offer their services to those living in rural areas and wireless broadband very rarely works in the more remote rural areas. This has meant that a lot of people living in rural conditions have been forced to go with substandard and exceedingly slow broadband connections if they want to access the Internet in any way.

The device is designed specifically to enhance mobile broadband connections and this means that to get a 2Mbps connection consumers will have to first fork out the money for a dongle and the usage allowance that they need, and will then have to pay the £400+ for the Wibe signal booster. We think it may be a fairly limited market for the albeit innovative device.

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  1. Chris November 3, 2010 at 12:04 pm - Reply

    Has anyone seen it cheaper? I think it would be good if gadgets and gizmos could review it for us as it seems a little pricey!

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