Samsung announces two new Bada-based smartphones

Posted on Jun 16 2010 - 10:57am by simon

After championing its in-house Bada smartphone operating system with the Samsung Wave, the South Korean firm has announced that two more handsets will be arriving with Bada on-board.

The Wave 2 and the Wave 2 Pro are the suitably named smartphones in question and they have made their world debut at the CommunicAsia conference this week.

The difference between the Wave 2 and the Wave 2 Pro seems to be the inclusion of a QWERTY keypad on the pro handset, marking it out as suitable for the business market.

Reports suggest that neither of the smartphones will have 3G network connectivity, which would seem to be an oversight if Samsung is aiming for international availability. However, Wireless N and Bluetooth 2.1 are included, which may take the sting out of the omission of 3G.

The displays will be 3.2 inch LCD units, which is another minor letdown after Samsung’s recent spate of AMOLED displays impressed most industry observers. The three megapixel camera on the rear is also slightly underpowered and it makes these smartphones feel less like sequels than entry level prequels to the high end original Wave.

Samsung’s Bada platform has several useful features, including the social hub that pulls together all of your social networking and messaging services into a single interface. The Touch Wiz software is sitting on top of Bada, so it should be fairly finger friendly, although the inclusion of the full QWERTY on the Wave 2 Pro will definitely appeal to messaging fanatics who do not trust the accuracy of touchscreen technology.

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