Samsung LCD Fridge Rocks Pandora and Twitter via Wi-Fi

Posted on Jun 22 2011 - 4:32pm by Richard Sharp

For years we have been hunting for a wi-fi enabled fridge, and thanks to Samsung our quest has finally come to an end – well sort of. The Samsung Wi-Fi fridge can’t order your shopping for you or keep tabs on how much milk you have remaining but it does have a few other gadgets and features that would be otherwise left out of the kitchen.

It comes with an 8 inch screen, bigger than most modern tablets and with similar features to boot. It includes the modern day equivalent of a post it note in electronic form – users can access their own interactive calendars, notes, weather data, access Twitter and even listen to Pandora radio.

This is yet another connected appliance, we have seen smart fridges but this one seems to be the one that can bring entertainment and functionality to the kitchen. No doubt LG and the likes will be rolling out similar products in the near future.

If you like the look of the Samsung LCD refrigerator then you better start saving your pennies, this beast will cost $2,699 for the two door model and a whopping $3,499 for the four door pictured here.

Source: Crunch gear via Geeky Gadgets

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