Samsung reigns supreme in tech market

Posted on Feb 1 2010 - 9:56pm by simon

The latest figures suggest that Samsung has become the largest technology conglomerate in the world, knocking former leader HP into second place.

The table is based upon sales figures and in 2009, Samsung was able to sell nearly £74 billion worth of gadgets and gizmos to consumers, whilst HP came a close second with just under £72 billion in sales.

Experts said that the main products that managed to push Samsung to the top of the charts were HDTVs, memory cards and digital cameras, which have continued to grow in popularity.

For Samsung the biggest blow, despite its excellent general performance, was its inability to capture a larger percentage of the mobile phone market in 2009. Although Samsung is selling lots of low-end mobiles, the smartphone market is still dominated by Apple and Nokia.

Many believe that Samsung will be looking to emulate Apple’s success and generate higher profits from its mobile phone division, although there is a long way to go. Samsung will be releasing many mobiles in 2010 and it really needs a hit smartphone to retain its relevancy.

With Samsung planning a range of LED HDTVs that can display the 3D content that is going to arrive on Sky at some point this year, it looks as if it will not be letting go of the top spot any time in the near future. At this very moment, millions of consumers are probably piling their pennies somewhere safe for that next big HDTV purchase.

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