Samsung ST70 Compact Camera Review

Posted on Jun 29 2010 - 3:42pm by Richard Sharp

If Charles Darwin were still alive I have a theory which I would really like to put to the famous scientist. My idea is that surely the appearance of so many compact gadgets is going to affect the evolutionary path of the human being. I can imagine future generations possessing tiny yet incredibly nimble little fingers, ideal for holding diminutive gadgets, pressing little buttons and turning tiny dials. Anyway, if my theory is correct then the Samsung ST70 compact camera is likely to move us onto the next stage in the process, due to its very compact design. Visually it is a hugely attractive camera, but does it put style and visual impact over usability and picture quality?  


This is the area where the Samsung ST70 camera scores most highly, particularly for those who like their gadgets small, slim and attractive. The depth of this little beauty is under 17mm and it is as high and as wide as a credit card. The screen is 2.7 inch in size for playback and picture framing purposes. The whole thing weighs as much as 120 grams of, well anything really.

Notable Specifications

There is a very respectable 5x optical zoom tucked inside the small casing. The Samsung ST70 offers 14 megapixel facilities and produces an impressively good photo for such a compact camera.

Particularly useful in such a tiny, light camera are the digital and optical anti shake mechanisms which should ensure that you avoid the kind of blurring which you might expect.



The Samsung ST70 compact camera is a fine looking fellow and offers all the features which any reasonably well evolved human being could possibly ask for in a digital camera. In answer to my initial question, no it doesn’t lose out on quality and functionality due to its reduced dimensions.

Search for it online and you will find it for around £150, which seems to me a very reasonable price for an attractive, modern model which is likely to turn heads whenever you use it. The size and weight of this little camera probably makes it an ideal purchase for someone who likes to carry a discreet but high quality camera with them most of the time, to be prepared for unexpected photo opportunities.

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