Samsung UE55C6505 55” Full HD LED Review

Posted on Jul 13 2010 - 2:04pm by Rob

Now that the World Cup is almost over (sniff) there are several reasons why you might be interested in buying a giant 55” Full HD LED TV:

1)    You watched a game on a friend’s big screen and were amazed at the quality and definition.

2)    You put a shoe through your own telly when…(make your choice from the long list of potential footwear hurling moments)

3)    You really want to be tooled up for the next major sporting event on the TV.

4)    You want to see Eastenders in HD, and you never much liked this footy lark anyway.


Yes, it has style. Let’s face it, it is very difficult for a 55” television not to appear stylish.


This is the business. Full HD with a 1080p resolution, 100Hz Motion Plus technology and High Definition Freeview too.  The audio comes with stereo 10w speakers. In other words, an image, a sound and a definition which is most likely far superior to anything you have ever seen in your own living room.


If someone told you that the Samsung UE55C6505 55” Full HD LED telly is cheap then he was either lying or a good deal more financially solvent then most of us. Cheap it is not. A top, top telly at a reasonable price for what it offers it certainly is. A spot of internet investigation will lead you to the conclusion that £1799.99 is what it takes to get your slice of the HD action


The  Samsung UE55C6505 55” is a wonderful telly and gives an image which will delight you. Whether you buy it depends upon your reaction at spending to the thick end of two grand on a telly.

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