Samurai Umbrella lets you fight the rain ninja style

Posted on Jul 13 2011 - 1:33pm by Julius

The craziest gadgets just keep on appearing these days. A new product has been seen called the “Samurai Umbrella,” which is just an ordinary umbrella thats sports a Samurai handle. Pretty cool, huh?

The Samurai Umbrella was designed by the artists from materious as part of its Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man series. The designers said that the product’s concept was inspired by Sigmund Freud’s writing about how men “must check their natural aggressive tendencies” if they wanted to live in civilized communities.

On the product’s website, it says: “Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man combines a symbol of gentlemanly refinement — the full-sized, dark umbrella — with an element of more manly sword-bearing times. The umbrellas offer brief psychological respite from the dictates of social amiability; aggressive fantasies are allowed and encouraged on the daily commute to the office. The effete civilian’s grasp of the handle takes him into the world of the masterful samurai, the medieval barbarian, or the triumphant cavalryman.”

The Samurai Umbrella replaces your normal umbrella handle with a Japanese sword grip, so you can go on to be a waterproof road warrior. A shoulder case is included so you can free your hands and carry it bandolier style.

The Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella is available in full Katana size and travel Tanto size. It will keep you dry while being the envy of your friends.

Is this cool, or too geeky?

via: Firebox

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