See The LED Man – Believe The LED Man

Posted on Jul 22 2010 - 4:44pm by Matt Jackson

If you saw this out of your bedroom window you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d gone a little bit mad – or, at least, for thinking somebody else has gone completely mad. The so-called LED man is attempting to show the world the benefits of using LED lightbulbs (namely, the fact that they are highly energy efficient using just 1/8 of the amount of energy needed to light a normal bulb) but he’s chosen quite an unusual way to go about it.

Incandescant light bulbs are certainly one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century but they’re far from being energy efficient. Around 80% of the energy used to power a lightbulb is actually wasted as heat emitted from the bulb and only the remaining 20% serves any real purpose in lighting the room around you. In contrast, LED lights do not generate heat and therefore 100% of the energy that is transmitted to the bulb is used for its intended purpose.

Dancing around and waving LED lightbulbs at the camera is far from being the normal way to show off LED lights but there’s more from the LED man, who is part of the Panasonic Sparks team; the team that is dedicated to testing the ocmpany’s new and leading eco products.

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