Sega Homestar Extra Planetarium

Posted on Sep 8 2008 - 3:05am by Richard Sharp

Sega Homestar Extra PlanetariumYou may not know this (at least, I didn’t until I read Gizmodo) but Sega produces quite an extensive range of home ceiling planetarium displays. They enable you to lye back and look at the stars without fending off killer moths that are at least the size of small bats and wait for the inevitable cloud covering to disperse to a reasonable level. And just ask Patrick Moore about the levels of light pollution created by street lighting and he’ll tell you the best way to resolve the problem is with an air rifle and a good solicitor.

OK, so the Sega Homestar Extra may not provide quite the same authentic experience as freezing in the back garden led in dog poo but it looks pretty impressive all the same. The latest in the Sega line is more pricey than its earlier counterparts and geared towards educational institutions rather than the average home user.

The illumination is so bright that you don’t even need to turn the lights off completely to enjoy the effects of between 45,000 and 120,000 stars being beamed onto your ceiling. Shooting stars can be set to appear in random places and at random intervals of time too and the set is due for release in December with a price tag of about £450.

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