Segway Tycoon Drives His Segway Off Cliff

Posted on Sep 28 2010 - 11:35am by Matt Jackson

OK, it sounds like a poor taste publicity stunt or even a promotional YouTube video to help increase sales of the Segway machine, but it is apparently true. British tycoon Jimi Heselden seemingly lost control of one of the rugged editions of the scooter he designed and plunged 80 foot off a cliff into a nearby river. A passer by found his body and reported it to the police.

The incident is being investigated but the body was found with one of the rugged, off road versions of the electric two wheel scooter and the path down which Heselden was travelling was known to be particularly rugged and treacherous with tree roots and branches strewn all across the path. This is why it is believed that he lost control of the machine and fell into the River Wharfe.

Early rumours on the Internet intimated that it had been suicide but this has been strongly denied by family members and friends of the man estimated to be worth over £160m. A spokesman for the family said that there had been absolutely no evidence of the incident being anything other than a horrible and tragic accident.

As well as being one of the country’s msot successful businessmen, Mr Heselden was also one of the most generous philanthropists having established the Leeds Community Foundation. In total he donated £23m to the foundation including £10m which he donated only a week before his tragic death.

Mr Heselden had left school at 15 in order to work as a miner. He used the redundancy money he received after losing his job in order to establish the company HESCO Bastion. A wire cage that could be filled with sand was the first innovative product the company sold and as well as proving popular as a maritime aid, the Pentagon was a regular customer having bought £50m worth of hte product over a 5 year interval.

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