Self-selling intelligent box created

Posted on Jan 26 2010 - 9:47pm by simon

An artist has created an oddly compelling electronic work that basically begins a perpetual cycle on eBay in which it attempts to sell itself to the highest bidder over and over again.

On the outside the box is just that; a black, shiny cube with no notable features to speak of. It is undeniably minimalist and arty, but it is its internal workings that contain all of the clever gadgets and gizmos.

The box can connect to the internet via an Ethernet cable and a broadband connection and it will then automatically add itself as a listing on eBay. From then on it will check to see if it has been sold every 10 minutes.

If the box fails to sell in its allotted time, it will just create a new listing and try and sell itself again. If it is snapped up, then its current owner is required to post the box on to its new home, where of course it needs to get online and try and sell itself again.

This creation is certainly a fairly interesting idea and presumably tracking its movements around the globe will add more depth to the experiment. Whether anyone will actually purchase the box is another matter, but if word gets out it could sell for a high price on eBay.

The one slightly confusing thing about the box it the fact that the artist failed to include a Wi-Fi connection. This would have been a far more elegant solution than the Ethernet cable.

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