SensoSolutions SensoGlove

Posted on Aug 12 2008 - 3:46am by Richard Sharp

SensoSolutions SensoGloveWe thought we’d covered just about every type of deranged golf gadget conceivable right through to the automatic ball placer that puts your golf balls on your tee for you to save all the strenuous bending over and the like. The SensoSolutions SensoGlove offers to measure and analyse the grip you have on your club (sadly not on reality) and just how well you’re doing.

The SensoGlove creators appreciate that grip is everything when it comes to hitting the perfect shot. Poor grip means poor connection and can impact your swing, but the SensoGlove will analyse your current grip and give you feedback on how close you are to achieving optimum grip conditions.

The glove features sound effects and a graphical LCD display to let you know just how badly you’re doing but I suspect the chances of altering your grip mid swing because of the quick beep isn’t really that achievable.

The SensoGlove can be purchased online and will cost you just under £50. It’s sweat proof and weather proof design ensures that it will stand the many tests it will have to face in order to be considered golf course friendly and ensures you don’t fry your hand while playing in the rain, which is a bonus with any gadget.

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