September 11 Memorial to Connect Friends and Colleagues

Posted on May 7 2011 - 3:36pm by Robert

Can you believe that come the 11th of September 10 years will have passed since we all sat in shock and watched the pictures of the Twin Towers collapsing?

If the memory of that day is still horribly vivid after a decade at least the news about the new memorial brings something pleasant for us to talk about. On that score, a fantastic computer algorithm will ensure that the victims’ names are ordered not alphabetically but by relationship.

This means that work colleagues and friends will be placed next to each other on the list once the National September 11 Memorial in New York opens this year. All 3,500 victims will have their names etched on to the walls around the fountains in the best order possible.

9/11 September 11 memorial
This has been done, in part, to help us see the real human stories behind the tragedy. We can see how many employees from one office perished and understand that bit better how widespread the grief was in this city.

It has also been used to link together people who didn’t know each other before the attack but who found themselves thrown together and ended up working together to try and save others or simply to try and get out of there together alive.

A smartphone app will help visitors appreciate the memorial and we have to thank the freelance programmer Jer Thorp for the clever name arrangement which will undoubtedly help many people feel a great connection with the events of that day.

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