Share Your Music and TV with the New Facebook App

Posted on Jun 4 2014 - 12:32pm by Paul

Just when you wondered how else Facebook could make itself a part of your life, it is now going to bring out a mobile app that listens to your music or whatever you are listening to on the TV.

The idea is that the app tries to recognise a show or a song and then gives the user the option of publishing the information it brings up on their profile or else for certain friends of theirs to see.

The idea behind this is that many people now share details of their favourite TV shows with friends on social media. This is called the second screen trend.

Privacy Concerns Raised


The listening Facebook app is going to be available in a few weeks time but there have already been concerns raised about the issue of the privacy of the people who use it.

The application works by using the microphone inside the phone to detect the music coming from songs or TV shows near it. The next stage is that a small animated icon will pop up at the top of the app screen when the user starts to write a new status update.

When the Facebook app works out a match for what it has heard then the user can share what it is that they have been watching or listening to. This would be in the form a 30 second preview of a song or details of the specific episode and TV series being watched in the case of the telly.

The function can be switched off at any time and the recordings aren’t stored anywhere and the app can’t make out what people are saying in the background.

Do you think that this could be a good way of sharing your interests easily with your friends?

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