Share Your Vows In Space

Posted on Jun 22 2008 - 4:40pm by Richard Sharp

Get Married In OrbitJust when you think you’ve seen every possible connotation of stupid, the Japanese throw something else at you to blog about. What would we do without them, eh? On this occasion, it’s the opportunity to get wed in space, approximately 62.1 miles above the planet in the Rocketplane XP spaceplane.

Available from 2011, brides and grooms will be able to share their happy moment in space with guests via a live feed and the mere $2.2m (roughly £1.1m and still substantially less than the Rooney’s bash cost) will also buy a planet based reception for guests, a space wedding dress (try and find one of those that fits then), transportation, and accommodation. Four day rehearsals and the usual array of media based records (that would be a video and photo album then) are also a part of this unique package.

Whatever your views on marriage to go down along with drive thru Elvis weddings as having passed over the border into ridiculous. The unique scheme is a partnership between wedding planning company First Advantage and Rocketplane Kistler Japan.

Imagine the look on the bride’s father’s face when she tells him her plans to marry in space and that he’ll be expected to foot the bill, as per tradition. You know, actually, this whole scheme is beginning to have its advantages.

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